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Are you tired of dealing with dust and contamination in your operations? Looking for impact protection that goes beyond expectations? Are you seeking for durability and efficiency? Explore the possibilities of industry-leading solutions with Blu-Tec and experience an elevated level of performance.

Application areas

Blu-Tec, more than just a product line: a commitment to driving innovation and providing top-quality solutions

Welcome to the world of Blu-Tec, where innovation meets excellence in material handling solutions. With our state-of-the-art product line, we redefine industry standards, empowering businesses to achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity.

Our cutting-edge Blu-Tec solutions are meticulously designed to tackle the challenges of material handling, delivering unrivaled performance and reliability. Join the ranks of industry leaders and embrace the future of material handling with Blu-Tec by Promati.


Power plants are essential for generating electricity on a large scale and play a crucial role in our energy supply. Efficiency is of great importance in this sector, where the transportation of bulk materials often presents challenges such as dust formation, leakage, and impact on conveyor belts…

and OEM

In the construction and OEM sector, efficiency and reliability are crucial for successful projects and the production of high-quality equipment. We understand the challenges faced by both industries, and provide specialized solutions and products to enhance productivity and quality…

Cement sand
and gravel

In both the cement industry and lime production sector, high-quality manufacturing processes and advanced technologies play a crucial role. At Promati, we understand the specific needs of these sectors and provide specialized solutions to improve production efficiency, ensure quality, and reduce operational costs…


The steel industry plays a crucial role in our modern world and forms the backbone of infrastructure, construction, and manufacturing industries. Steel is a versatile and essential material used in diverse applications, ranging from buildings and bridges to automotive parts and machinery…


In the recycling sector, Promati recognizes the crucial role it plays in reducing waste and promoting sustainability. We understand the importance of collecting, sorting, and processing various materials to give them a new life and reuse them in different industries…

and quarries

The mining and quarrying sector plays a crucial role in the extraction and processing of minerals and rocks. This industry is responsible for supplying raw materials used in various applications, ranging from the construction sector to the production of materials such as cement and ceramics…


In the glass industry, precision plays a crucial role in manufacturing high-quality glass. Whether it’s window glass, packaging glass, or specialized glass for technical applications, the glass industry requires advanced technologies and solutions to meet the stringent market demands…


In the fertilizer industry, the production of high-quality fertilizers plays a crucial role in supporting agriculture and promoting efficient crop growth. As a leading supplier of solutions for the fertilizer industry, Promati understands the specific needs and challenges faced by this sector…

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