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How to choose between a Proload ND, HD or XHD?2023-07-03T12:05:06+00:00

The choice of the type of Proload is simply made by the belt width. Up to 1000 mm you can choose the Normal Duty (ND), up to 1400 the Heavy Duty (HD) and 1600 mm and more then 1600 mm Extra Heavy Duty (XHD).

How to choose between Flexal ND or HD?2023-07-03T12:05:27+00:00

Depending on the application, the choice of normal duty and heavy duty is made. Please fill in your data sheet and we will advice you what to choose and we will offer you the best solution.

How to keep your Proload in top performance?2023-07-03T12:04:37+00:00

The system is designed in such a matter that a simple visual inspection keeps your system up and running for many years. Simply unbolt some of the bolt on the side panels and measure the length of the thread will give you a clear view of the life-time of the wear-panels.

What if the friction of the Proload will be too high and the belt will not start up?2023-07-03T12:22:40+00:00

In normal cases the power consumption is very little and often not more than with normal rollers and side skirts (sometimes even less).
Please contact us for our general power consumption model. You can also check the current power consumption of your motor with a current meter to check whether your motor is running at his maximum capacity or has some space left.

What if the inlet length of the system is less than minimum 2 times the belt size?2023-07-03T12:06:03+00:00

You can try to move the foot drum by placing the drum backwards as much as possible or move the support of the drum backwards. For more detailed information about this subject, please contact us.

What if the lifetime of the wear panels is too low?2023-07-03T12:05:46+00:00

In case the lifetime is not high enough you can use alternative wear panels such as stainless steel liners, or even better, ceramic side panels. This will increase the lifetime with several times.

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