Cement plants

In both the cement industry and lime production sector, high-quality manufacturing processes and advanced technologies play a crucial role. At Promati, we understand the specific needs of these sectors and provide specialized solutions to improve production efficiency, ensure quality, and reduce operational costs. Whether it’s cement or lime, our specialized products offer reliable and innovative solutions that contribute to the success of cement plants and lime production facilities.



Why Blu-Tec in Cement Industry?

Our Promati products are invaluable in both the cement industry and lime production sector, where they contribute to efficient and high-quality manufacturing processes.

The Proload Dust Control system is an essential tool for creating dust-free discharge points, which is crucial in preventing contamination and promoting a safe working environment. This results in high-quality cement and lime products while minimizing waste.
The Flexal Impact Zone provides advanced shock absorption and minimizes damage to conveyor belts, whether it’s cement or lime. This extends the lifespan of the conveyor belts, reduces maintenance costs, and improves operational efficiency.
With our Duo Seal sealing system featuring standard clamps, we offer reliable sealing of conveyor belts, preventing leakage and spillage of both cement and lime. This contributes to the quality of the end products and optimizes the production process.
Our HDPE rollers are durable and resistant to the challenging conditions in both the cement and lime production sectors. They reduce friction and minimize the risk of material damage during transportation.
With our Cerapro rings, we reduce the contact surface between bottom rollers and conveyor belts, promoting smooth and efficient material flow of both cement and lime. The ceramic inlay ensures a high resistance to wear and a much longer life-time of the roller.

With these specialized Promati products, both cement plants and lime production facilities can optimize their manufacturing processes, ensure quality, and improve operational efficiency. We are committed to supporting both sectors in their pursuit of successful and sustainable production.

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