Fertilizer industry

In the fertilizer industry, the production of high-quality fertilizers plays a crucial role in supporting agriculture and promoting efficient crop growth. As a leading supplier of solutions for the fertilizer industry, Promati understands the specific needs and challenges faced by this sector. We offer a comprehensive range of specialized products and solutions that focus on increasing production efficiency, ensuring fertilizer quality, and minimizing operational costs.

Our emphasis is on delivering innovative solutions that meet the high demands of the fertilizer industry. We recognize that fertilizer production requires accuracy and precision, as the composition and quality of fertilizers directly impact crop growth and yield. Therefore, we have developed a range of advanced products designed to meet the specific needs of the fertilizer industry, enabling producers to benefit from improved product quality, increased production capacity, and reduced operational costs.


HDPE rollers

Why Blu-Tec in the Fertilizer Industry?

Our Promati products are invaluable in the fertilizer industry, where they contribute to efficient and high-quality manufacturing processes.

Our Proload Dust Control system is an effective solution for creating dust-free discharge points during the fertilizer production process. It helps reduce product loss and ensures a clean and safe working environment for staff.
The Flexal Impact Zone provides superior shock absorption during the impact of bulk materials on conveyor belts in fertilizer production. This minimizes damage to the belts and fertilizers, resulting in less waste and higher product quality.
Our Duo Seal sealing system, with standard clamps, is highly suitable for the fertilizer industry. It provides reliable sealing of conveyor belts, preventing leakage and contamination of fertilizers. This contributes to an efficient and safe production environment.
The HDPE rollers we offer are ideal for use in the fertilizer industry. They are durable and resistant to the corrosive properties of fertilizers, leading to a longer lifespan of the conveyor belts and reduced maintenance costs.
Our Cerapro rings are used for under-rollers in the fertilizer industry. They reduce the contact surface with the conveyor belt, minimizing friction and wear. The ceramic inlay ensures a high resistance to wear and a much longer life-time of the roller.

Whether it’s the production of organic fertilizers, inorganic fertilizers, or special blends, at Promati, we understand the unique challenges of the fertilizer industry. Our specialized products and solutions contribute to efficient and high-quality fertilizer production, supporting the agricultural sector in achieving optimal crop yields and sustainable farming practices.

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