Glass industry

In the glass industry, precision plays a crucial role in manufacturing high-quality glass. Whether it’s window glass, packaging glass, or specialized glass for technical applications, the glass industry requires advanced technologies and solutions to meet the stringent market demands. At Promati, we understand the unique challenges of the glass industry and offer specialized products that contribute to efficient production, improved quality, and increased operational performance.


Cerapro rings

Why Blu-Tec in Glass Industry?

Our products are specifically designed to meet the needs of the glass industry and provide valuable benefits throughout the production process.

The Proload Dust Control System is essential for creating dust-free transfer points, ensuring a clean and safe working environment, and preventing dust particles from adhering to the glass surface.
The Flexal Impact Zone offers advanced shock absorption to minimize glass breakage and damage during transportation. This results in improved product quality and reduces costs by reducing waste and scrap.
Our Duo Seal sealing system, with standard clamps, provides reliable sealing of conveyor belts, minimizing the risk of contamination and cross-contamination. This is crucial in the production of glass with specific properties or coatings.
The HDPE rollers we offer are durable and resistant to the challenging conditions in the glass industry. They reduce friction and minimize the risk of glass damage during transportation, resulting in less waste and higher product quality.
With our Cerapro rings, we reduce the contact area between idler rollers and conveyor belts, promoting smooth and efficient material flow of glass. The ceramic inlay ensures a high resistance to wear and a much longer life-time of the roller.

Whether it’s the production of flat glass, container glass, or specialized glassware, our specialized products from Promati contribute to efficient and high-quality glass manufacturing. We are committed to supporting the glass industry in achieving their production goals and delivering top-quality glass products that meet the strictest standards and requirements.

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