BLU-TEC Proload
Avoid product loss with dust- and spillage-free loading

Introducing BLU-TEC® Proload, the ultimate solution for preventing product loss and maintaining a dust- and spillage-free loading process. Designed to exceed industry standards, Proload eliminates the need for traditional side skirt sealing systems, ensuring seamless and efficient loading onto the conveyor belt.

With its innovative design, BLU-TEC® Proload guarantees optimal performance and an easy installation. Each Proload unit is delivered in convenient 2-meter modules, complete with supports, making it suitable for both new conveyor systems and existing conveyors. No more time-consuming and costly procedures – Proload is ready to enhance your loading point right out of the box.
By effectively containing dust and spillage, BLU-TEC® Proload minimizes material loss, improves workplace safety, and reduces environmental impact. The advanced engineering behind Proload creates a tightly sealed loading point, ensuring that your valuable products are securely transferred along the conveyor belt.

Experience the difference with BLU-TEC® Proload. Enhance your loading efficiency, maintain a clean and safe work environment, and eliminate unnecessary product loss. Trust in our cutting-edge technology and elevate your loading point to new levels of excellence.

Benefits of the Proload

  • Modular, customisable design
  • Easy to install and maintain, even on existing conveyor systems
  • Precise centering of conveyed material
  • Heavy, durable construction
  • Reinforced guiding idlers at both ends of the BLU-TEC Proload system
  • Also suitable for abrasive materials

3 possible types

  • Normal Duty (ND)
  • Heavy Duty (HD)
  • Extra Heavy Duty (XHD)

Options and advantages

Annual maintenance is sufficient and consists of a visual inspection and cleaning of all accessible areas. Any worn parts should be replaced. Between each annual maintenance, there should be regular visual inspections. With the system switched off, the side rubber sealing skirting can be easily inspected. In practice, the maintenance intervals and the extent of cleaning depend on various factors such as the conveyed material, belt speed, operating hours and, in the case of outdoor facilities, also weather conditions.

The BLU-TEC®Proload is designed to maximise dust and spillage reduction without needing an additional seal. Material loss is minimised and the working environment for your staff is significantly improved, especially when conveying fine dusts. Even outdoors the Proload can be used effectively. Whenever dust is dispersed into the atmosphere at the loading point, the BLU-TEC Proload is the optimal solution.

The dust-free transfer of the conveyed material is completely mechanical, so there are no electronic components that may fail. The robust construction ensures optimal dust- and spillage-free material transfer over a long service life. The Proload system comes in different models. From ND (normal duty) through HD (heavy duty) right up to our newly developed XHD (extra heavy duty) model. All versions available.

The rollers, slide plates and housings have all gone through several rigorous product tests and have proven their reliability under extreme operating conditions. However, should any component need replacing, our warehouse can provide replacement parts at any time.

  • Galvanised steel, epoxy coating or stainless steel
  • Conveyor rollers or impact bars
  • Low-friction plates made of:
    • High density UHMW polyethylene
    • Anti-static UHMW polyethylene
    • High-temperature UHMW polyethylene
    • Ceramic
    • Stainless steel

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