Construction and OEM

In the construction and OEM sector, efficiency and reliability are crucial for successful projects and the production of high-quality equipment. At Promati, we understand the unique needs and challenges faced by both industries, and we provide specialized solutions and products to enhance productivity and quality.


HDPE rollers

Why Blu-Tec in Construction and OEM?

Our Proload Dust Control system is an effective solution used in both sectors to reduce dust during material dumping. By creating dust-free environments, we ensure a cleaner and safer workplace while minimizing the loss of valuable materials, resulting in cost savings.
The Flexal Impact Zone offers superior shock absorption, benefiting construction sites and OEM applications where heavy materials are handled. By minimizing damage to transport belts and materials, the lifespan of equipment is extended, reducing operational costs and improving efficiency.
For sealing applications, such as conveyors and packaging machinery, our Duo Seal sealing systems with standard clamps are reliable solutions used in both the construction and OEM sectors. These systems prevent leakage, enhancing equipment performance and reliability.
In addition, we provide tailored solutions for OEM applications, including high-density polyethylene (HDPE) rollers that offer durability and long-lasting performance. These rollers are resistant to wear and provide smooth operation, meeting the demanding requirements of both sectors.

Promati is committed to delivering specialized products and customized solutions. We aim to add value to these industries by fostering successful projects, improving production processes, and ensuring the highest standards of quality and reliability.

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