Steel Industry

The steel industry plays a crucial role in our modern world and forms the backbone of infrastructure, construction, and manufacturing industries. Steel is a versatile and essential material used in diverse applications, ranging from buildings and bridges to automotive parts and machinery. The production process in the steel industry involves various stages, including mining, refining, and manufacturing.

Steel producers heavily rely on efficient bulk handling systems to transport raw materials, such as iron ore and coal, as well as finished steel products. These systems consist of conveyor belts and associated equipment that enable the transportation of materials throughout the production facility. In this dynamic environment, smooth and reliable operation is essential to maintain productivity and meet customer demands.



Why Blu-Tec in the Steel Industry?

In the challenging environment of the steel industry, Promati offers specialized products that enhance bulk handling processes and increase efficiency. Our products are designed to address specific challenges and improve overall productivity.

Proload Dust Control helps prevent product loss by creating dust-free transfer points. This not only ensures a clean and safe working environment but also preserves valuable materials.
Flexal Impact Zone provides excellent shock absorption during the transfer of bulk materials on conveyor belts. This superior shock damping reduces wear and lowers maintenance costs for the conveyor belts.
Duo Seal ensures reliable sealing of conveyor belts in the steel industry. By preventing leakage and contamination, it minimizes product loss and contributes to the efficiency of the production process.
HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) rollers are durable conveyor belt rollers made from high-quality polyethylene. These rollers withstand heavy loads and corrosion, reducing maintenance needs and operational costs.
Cerapro rings reduce the contact between the return rollers and the conveyor belts. This results in smoother material movement and increased operational efficiency of the conveyor belts. The ceramic inlay ensures a high resistance to wear and a much longer life-time of the roller.

Promati aims to provide customized solutions that meet the specific needs of the steel industry. Our expertise and reliable products allow us to optimize operational processes, increase productivity, and reduce overall costs. With Promati as your partner, you can rely on high-quality solutions that contribute to your success.

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